May 10

Inspiration: Valentina De’ Mathà

I just love the simplicity of this piece by Valentina De’ Mathà.

Valentina De Matha

view more work:


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May 10

Inspiration: Mia Liu’s Paper Sculptures

I’m loving these paper sculptures by Mia Liu. And then.. when seen to scale… I love them even more due to their large size! Stunning.

Mia Liu Paper SculpturesMia Liu Paper Sculptures

Check out more via her Flickr Stream

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May 10

Inspiration: Nikki Graziano – Found Functions

I just absolutely love the work of Nikki Graziano. She’s a Photographer and a Mathematician! Where the boundaries between art and science are crossed.. I swoon.

nikki graziano - Found Functionsnikki graziano - Found Functionsnikki graziano - Found Functionsnikki graziano - Found Functionsnikki graziano - Found Functionsnikki graziano - Found Functionsnikki graziano - Found Functions

Check out her website here: http://www.nikkigraziano.com/

Found Via Today and Tomorrow

Apr 10

Inspiration: Hollis Brown Thornton

Absolutely loving the work of Hollis Brown Thornton. Best use of the medium of markers I’ve ever seen. Also, loving the oil painting. I’d put that in my house. Go to http://www.hollisbrownthornton.com/ to see more! -sara cannon

Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe

Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe

Atari & Flower Wallpaper - Hollis Brown Thornton

Atari & Flower Wallpaper

The Fortress of Solitude - Hollis Brown Thornton

The Fortress of Solitude

Flower Wallpaper - Hollis Brown Thornton

Flower Wallpaper - Hollis Brown Thornton

VHS - Hollis Brown Thornton


Mar 10

Inspiration: Lustix

Over on the strange attractor, They posted up some images from Lustix. I really love them. -sara


Mar 10

Photography Inspiration: Elad Lassry

I dont know why photography has been just grabbing me lately in ways it never has before. I think its the curation of triangle triangle yet again. Here is a photo by Elad Lassry.

Elad Lassry

Ok. So if you love photography – or even if you’re a skeptic – follow triangletriangle.com

And, if anyone knows more about Elad Lassry – if theres a personal website. please comment!


Mar 10

Inspiration: “Paradoxymoron” by Patrick Hughes

This is a pretty neat optical illusion painting by Patrick Hughes that is on display in the British Library’s Basement in London.

Anyone know of any other paintings like this?

Thanks Tanner for the link.


Mar 10

Photography Inspiration: Talia Chetrit

wow. another photograph has caught my eye. It’s by Talia Chetrit. I found it yet again on triangle triangle. It’s very interesting how subtle it is and how the hour glass slightly references an infinity symbol.

Talia Chetrit

view more work http://www.taliachetrit.com/

Feb 10

Photography Inspiration: Anthony Goicolea

In terms of being personally moved by art, for some reason photography only captures my attention every so often. I can appreciate it often, but not often does it really resonate within me deeply. I ran across this image on Triangle Triangle. It was taken by Anthony Goicolea. It is outstanding.

– sara


view more of his work on his website:


Feb 10
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