Jul 10

Inspiration: “Tame Impala – Half Full Glass of Wine” Video by Special Problems

I am in love with the animation on this video called “Tame Impala – Half Full Glass of Wine” by the studio Special Problems.

Tame Impala – Half Full Glass of Wine from Special Problems on Vimeo.

One part that I just adore is the pointillism heart beating to the baseline:
Tame Impala - Half Full Glass of Wine

found via The Strange Attractor

Jul 10

Inspiration: the Art of Gregory Euclide

This installation done by Gregory Euclide for the Biennial of the America’s in Denver, CO is absolutely stunning. It is titled: “Because There’s a There, Here’s Just Fine”

Materials are: “Acrylic, cedar, cigarette butts, eurocast, fertilizer, foam, found plastic, garbage from Denver parks, insulation, lichen, moss, organic material from Denver, sponge, steel 55 gallon drum, wood lumber.”

Gregory Euclide - Because There’s a There, Here’s Just Fine

On his website it says:

“Gregory Euclide has placed a set of sculptures inspired by the Rocky Mountain vistas over a floor-drawn map of Denver.The vistas’ positioning relates to the geographical site they have been extracted from, literally and figuratively. The sculpture are part of a series of captures Euclide has made by pouring paint or liquid adherent over a natural setting. Once dried, the materials capture dirt, plants, and pieces of the ground, which become canvases for sculptural landscape painting and miniaturized terrain–turning the natural land into an idealized scene. By hanging the captures over their original location, Euclide creates a multidimensional topography that makes both actual and idealized projections of the Rocky Mountain landscape.

Floating in isolation, Euclide’s sculptures reflect the growing divide between the human dimension and the natural world as an increasing number of people choose to live in urban areas. Because There’s a There, Here’s Just Fine considers how relationships with our surroundings are shaped, and invites us to reevaluate our experiences with nature by presenting a landscape where the notions of the fake and authentic collide.”

Gregory Euclide - Because There’s a There, Here’s Just Fine

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