Apr 09

Birmingham Emphasis // ASFA Senior Show Part Two – Images

Images Of Mark Robert’s Installation that he referred to in the previous Audio.

Apr 09

Birmingham Emphasis // ASFA Senior Show Part One

Location: Alabama School of Fine Arts Brmingham, Alabama

Senior Visual Arts Show

Focus: Mark Roberts Installation

Choppy/Secret Audio Interview Part One::

mark responds to questions about the meaning of the text, the nature of the piece, and more – in a sneaky interview.

a followup interview and images of the piece to come.

Apr 09

Ellen Gallagher

“Gallagher’s work is contradictory in the sense that her pieces are surreal yet realistic, ambiguous yet painstakingly structured and odd but strangely familiar. Her latest exhibition focuses on the collapse of time by the use of fictional and non-fictional characters. By manipulating magazine articles, texts, journals and images, which are often stained and perforated, she creates an evocative visual journey.” – from dont panic

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