Nov 08

installation // Tokujin Yoshioka

artist: Tokujin Yoshioka

location: Moore Building in the Miami Design District

artists website: http://www.tokujin.com/

view more: 1 2 3(video)

plastic drinking straws.

// via

Nov 08

Lori Hersberger

Artist: Lori Hersberger

website: http://www.lorihersberger.com/

i really enjoy her neon sculptures… and the play on reflection as an extension of the artwork.

Nov 08

CHAOS AND ORDER // 000studio

ok so here is a really neat thing: apparently from what I can tell.. they are creating structures from wood using algorithms.

“Art in Container” International Competion in KOBE Biennale2007

gallery: http://www.000studio.com/kobe_biennale2007/main/gallery.php?id=1

studio: http://www.000studio.com/


Nov 08

mirrored shapes // chrissie macdonald

artist: Chrissie Macdonald

Mirrored Shapes

artist website: http://www.chrissiemacdonald.co.uk/

I find these to be fantastic/beautiful.


Nov 08

overgrown // chrissie macdonald

artist: Chrissie Macdonald

artist website: http://www.chrissiemacdonald.co.uk/


Nov 08

Mark Andrus Roberts

Artist: Mark Andrus Roberts

Location: Birmingham, AL

Nov 08
Nov 08

Dream anatomy // Rachel Wright

artist: rachel wright

website: http://rachelwright.net/works_dream.htm

these dresses are incredible.

The Dream Anatomy series explore these imagined realms inside
the body. Because these garments are meant to be worn, the boundary
between the internal and the external is blurred. The invisible is made
visible: wear your inside on the outside. By using women’s slips and nighties,
articles that were not originally intended for public life, I am playiing
with the line between the public and the private arenas.

Nov 08

Yuken Teruya

artist: Yuken Teruya

website: http://www.yukenteruyastudio.com/

also: http://dar-jan.livejournal.com/323582.html

via: design you trust

well-crafted cutouts from bags, newspapers, and toilet paper tubes. everyday -> organic/beautiful.

Nov 08

Silent world // michael kenna

artist: michael kenna

view the gallery: http://trinixy.ru/michael_kenna.html

his website: http://www.michaelkenna.net/

this series travels around the world documenting form and shape and silence – with the absence of people. the contrast in form and texture/subject matter (ex. between city and snowy landscape) – creates an interesting dialogue.

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